Australia New Zealand Pacific Specialists Inc, located in Scottsdale AZ, pioneered specialization from this area in the mid 80's; providing varied vacations for hundred of travellers each year.

Our staff are certified members of the "Aussie Specialist" program for Australia, and the "Preferred Agent Link" (PAL) program for New Zealand. In our many years of travel, research, and through feedback from clients, we have compiled pages for some of the top tourist attractions of each region. However, the summaries of activities and places to see for each country contained within this site are merely scratching the surface; one has to experience the rich culture and diverse beauty to fully appreciate the South Pacific.

The company has negotiated excellent rates with the Pacific's airlines, tour and sight-seeing operators, car companies, hotels, etc., throughout Oceania/South Pacific, passing these savings directly onto our customers. Australia New Zealand Pacific Specialists, Inc. can customize a trip to your specifications, within your budget, and also within your time frame.

Our prices are constantly changing so ask about any current deals and packages. Contact us for a quote.